Who are we?

ESWHY is new online based swimwear and loungewear brand, based in the UAE. Its founder, Yana, has been fortunate to have travelled all over the world countless times and has always had an eye on small independent swimwear brands that are relatively unknown, or difficult to find or ship within this region.

This, along with noticing the higher prices for swimwear one might find in the UAE, ESWHY was created to bring you a selection of swimwear and loungewear from multiple brands, which have been personally procured by Yana and aiming to keep margins as low as possible so you can enjoy high-quality products at fair pricing.

We are beginning with our favourites pieces made in Ukraine and will continue to source stylish and unique designs for you to show off your amazing body!

Our ethos

Fun, feminine, sexy, cosy, confident. You shouldn’t feel any other way when wearing swim and loungewear.

This is the message ESWHY wants to push. All women deserve to feel positive when wearing our selected pieces. Be brave to wear that revealing bikini. Be comfortable to relax or workout in fitted clothing. Show your personality without question.

We want to help you do this, which is why we appreciate all feedback and ideas for future styles you want us to find for you. Let us do the work and you enjoy the sunshine :)

As we sell multi-brand products, each will be varied in terms of sustainability. However, our plan is to find more ethically made products using sustainable materials. As our brand grows, we will also strive to improve our packaging and overall carbon footprint when we expand our shipping to more destinations.

Future Plans

We are continuously searching for more of our favourite brands that we find along our travels and will be updating our selection at random times but will of course keep you informed of when new products will be coming to you.

If you are a new or establishes swimwear or loungewear business and would like outreach in the UAE region, please contact us to discuss possible selling opportunities.

We are also in the process of creating our own ESWHY branded lines to sell alongside our favourite multi-brand pieces and we are very excited to show you the finished products, bringing you the most comfortable fit for all shapes and sizes in our favourite silhouettes. These will truly be ones to look out for!